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2021 5K Virtual Run

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DFW MidCities

A group of mothers living in the Mid-Cities area of Dallas/Fort Worth shared a common goal of creating cultural, educational, community service, and social activities for their children, which would aid in molding them into well-rounded individuals.

The Virtual 5k

UP THE HILL” is DFW Mid-CitiesChapter virtual 5k Walk/Run to be held the week of May 2-9, 2021. Participants register and have the opportunity to enjoy our race preparation guides, personal warm up video, musical playlists and friendly competition while benefiting ATLAST!, an inner city boarding experience designed to provide comparable educational opportunities to kids with fewer resources and our Jack and Jill of America National Foundation.


Participants may pick up race shirts on May 1 at a socially distant venue and walk/run anytime during the race week. Participants are encouraged to take photos in their T shirts, record their times, progress and post on our website. Get motivated and join us for a fun, healthy, and safe family activity to benefit our youth!


Event Beneficiary

ATLAST! Impoverished families are often unable to provide their children with the same educational resources and tools that are so often taken for granted by children from better resourced families. ATLAST! Is a Dallas based boarding program that gives kids from less prosperous families the educational resources and tools enjoyed by kids from more affluent families during the home life portion of a school day. Students who gain admission into AT LAST! are called “Scholars-In-Residence.” Find out more below or on the AT LAST! website.



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